Carbon Path

The Climate Pledge Marketplace

People invite companies to sign the Climate Pledge


Non-profit organizations invite their members to sign up for a meaningful call to action.


Companies sign the Pledge to connect directly with customers in the marketplace.

Data Service

People control their data sharing & permissions under European GDPR / ePrivacy standards.

Supply Chain

CO2 accounting connects marketing to measurement – based on verified performance.

The Climate Pledge:

We will end our fossil emissions by 2030

You can participate in 3 ways:


Sign up to support businesses that Pledge

On a network where you control your relationships


Sign the Climate Pledge as an individual

Step forward in personal climate leadership


Sign the Climate Pledge
as an organization

Businesses list their legal name, address & tax ID

The Climate Pledge is an aspirational movement to shift culture, led by individuals, non-profits & small businesses, followed by corporate adopters.

Climate Pledge signatures are recorded on an immutable ledger

Organizations that sign the Climate Pledge are shown on the list. Each posts their legal name, address and tax ID number when they sign the Pledge. Individuals who sign the Pledge can host an informal group.

Powered by cutting edge technology

Built on personal data privacy technology called JLINC

A new layer on the Internet where data is exchanged under digitally signed contracts with an audit trail recorded on any database, log, ledger or blockchain. JLINC itself is neither a blockchain, nor an ICO, but provides a new kind of human-readable, developer-friendly, 'self-validating' smart contract, written in Javascript, that can work with, or without, any blockchain.

Protects you from profiling, tracking, bots, and trolls

Bot-free network

You use your mobile number to prove you are a unique person when you create your account.

Troll-free platform

You can use your real name or a handle for your account. But you only get one account.

Gives you control over your time & attention, without profiling and manipulation

After you use your mobile to establish control over your login, you can decide whether to share your name, number, any email you add, or any other data, with any org listed. You control your sharing preferences across the entire network and Carbon Path itself will only contact you for admin purposes. The progressive web app works on any platform and can be saved as a icon without visiting any app store.


Carbon Path is an online organizing platform for the climate movement

Organizations invite people sign up to participate in a combined movement, with a call to action to invite, encourage, and ultimately demand, that corporations publicly commit to end their emissions by 2030.

Each organization invites their own members to connect with them on the network. Each organization has a page feed that individuals can visit, connect with, and subscribe to.

Each user creates and controls their login with their mobile. This means that every user on the system represents one real unique person, giving polling and petitions on the platform real political power.

People use the platform to connect across organizations, coordinate for political action, and communicate on a shared combined feed without bots, trolls, ads, profiling, tracking and distraction.

Each individual can connect with their own network of organizations and groups, values-aligned green businesses, impact companies, and ultimately corporations that sign the Pledge.

The platform also provides a user-directed marketplace for low-carbon products, with audited carbon supply chain accounting starting in 2021 to verify corporate performance.

Carbon Path is a strategic intervention to create new market game-rules around climate


Many people feel helpless and increasingly frightened by climate chaos

A large majority now agrees that climate change is real. A growing minority understand that it is THE existential threat to the future, and feel despair at the failure of government, media and society to adequately address it.

People sign up on Carbon Path to pressure corporations to sign the Climate Pledge, come together with other people to more effectively organize around shared purpose, and connect with green companies to find low carbon products.

Each person controls the combined feed they see on their homepage on the web app, made up of a mix of posts from all the groups, orgs, and companies that they connect with.

People also control how each entity that they connect with can communicate with them, what info they share with each, and exactly how each entity can use that data.

Individuals can also sign the Climate Pledge. People who do can add their own organization or create an informal group on the system.

Each group can host a curated discussion feed for its members, where each can participate, and add the thread to their home page feed if they like.


Carbon Path is a marketing platform for companies that sign the Climate Pledge

• People can connect directly with any company listed

• Each business has a page feed on the platform featuring its own products

• Customers connect with companies in the marketplace

• Consumers describe what they want on the marketplace

• Matching products appear in the customer’s home page feed

• Companies receive direct inquiries on the communication platform

Each company can also invite their own customers to connect with them on the network and use the platform to communicate and manage communication preferences.

Starting in 2020 businesses that sign the Climate Pledge pay to be listed on the platform.

Global organizations can use JLINC to let their users manage their own communication preferences and data sharing permissions across all platforms and databases as required by GDPR & ePrivacy in the EU.

Carbon Supply Chain

Carbon Path will provide automated carbon supply chain accounting

Starting in 2021, companies that sign the Pledge can participate in automated carbon supply chain data exchange. This will make it possible to provide quantitative reports to business customers, investors and consumers.

JLINC data exchange allows companies to share carbon data under digitally signed automated contractual agreements, which protect trade secrets and internal detail, while providing verified aggregate carbon data to companies down stream from them in a supply chain.

Enterprises pay the largest portion of the cost for supply chain accounting on an extensible system that supports 3rd party auditors. This allows companies to deliver audited carbon content reporting to their customers and investors.

Investors see improved financial performance from companies that rapidly decarbonize, as efficiency replaces on-going expenses for fossil inputs, and increases consumer loyalty. Investors can obtain carbon performance audits for participating businesses.

Investment fund managers will ultimately be able to offer retail investors meaningful screened portfolio products composed of public companies that have first made the commitment and then demonstrated performance on carbon.


Carbon Path is a California benefit corporation based in Oakland CA

Jim Fournier, Allison Pobrislo, and the team at JLINC Labs built the Carbon Path private beta in 4 months – running on servers in Frankfurt (for GDPR in the EU).

Jim is CEO of JLINC Labs and cofounder of Planetwork, which convened the first international conference on global ecology and information technology in May 2000, and the ASN initiative to create a social network for civil society in 2002 – before Facebook.

In 2007, Jim founded Biochar Engineering Corp, represented biochar at the UNIPCC for 3 years, and was a finalist for the Branson Prize to remove 1Gt C. Following the sale of BEC in 2011, he worked closely with a senior scientist at NCAR, was initiated into the climate modeling community and co-authored a paper published in the preeminent journal PhilTrans.

Jim had also put funds into the key social network patent to keep it in the public domain, resulting in founders shares in the Linkedin IPO. Following the IPO, while building collaboratively curated groupware, Jim and Victor Grey had a breakthrough and filed the key JLINC patent in 2015.

Carbon Path brings together decades of scientific perspective on climate and sustainability with personal data privacy and an entrepreneurial approach to creating solutions that can scale.