Carbon Path

The Climate Pledge Movement

People invite companies to sign a stronger Climate Pledge


Non-profit organizations invite their members to sign up for a meaningful call to action.


Companies sign the Pledge to connect directly with customers in the marketplace.

Data Service

People control their data sharing & permissions under European GDPR / ePrivacy standards.

Supply Chain

CO2 accounting connects marketing to measurement – based on verified performance.

Climate Pledge

100% Clean Energy – Carbon Neutral

Each signer commits to a goal and a date, and to strive to move faster

Many governments and corporations are making pledges to decarbonize. The UK committed to net zero by 2050, six states and over 100 US cities have pledged 100% clean energy by 2045, New York just set a 2040 goal, and Finland has said it will be carbon neutral in 2035. This is great progress!

However, to stay below 1.5°C we need to end our fossil emissions by 2030.

Carbon Path provides a global registry where each entity that makes a climate commitment can join the carbon reduction community marketplace. Each party signs a Climate Pledge that specifies their goal, and a target date from 2020 to 2050. Those that make the strongest pledge, show the greatest verified progress, or decarbonize first, are celebrated as leaders and move up in the rankings. FAQ

Public goals work! Many local governments that set early goals are now on track to meet or exceed them much faster than they expected. Carbon Path will also provide automated carbon supply chain accounting to help measure performance and accelerate change. EV Revolution


Carbon Path is a community marketplace where NGOs, businesses and individuals help corporations, governments and society commit to rapidly achieve stronger climate goals together.

You can participate in 3 ways:


Sign up to support businesses that Pledge

On a network where you control your relationships


Sign the Climate Pledge as an individual

Step forward in personal climate leadership


Sign the Climate Pledge
as an organization

Each entity lists their legal name, address & tax ID

Each Climate Pledge is signed on Carbon Path

Web app on mobile or computer

Non-profit organizations (NGOs) invite their members to sign up to connect with them on the platform to help push corporations to sign a stronger Climate Pledge.

People can assert their consumer power, connect with companies to hold them accountable, ask for products they want, and establish direct customer relationships.

Companies that sign a Pledge appear in a low-carbon marketplace where they receive customer-directed inquiries and people can connect directly with them.

Each organization that signs a Climate Pledge posts their legal name, address and tax ID number.

Each Climate Pledge is digitally signed and recorded on a hashgraph (simple carbon-free blockchain).

Private beta:

Brands shown as examples on a future app

Powered by JLINC technology

personal data privacy on the Internet

Each person can choose to connect with their own set of organizations
Each organization gets current data from all of their users
Each user gets convenient control over all of their data

JLINC makes new personal data rights laws in the EU actually work for people, and for companies, globally.

It provides a new layer on the Internet where data is exchanged under digitally signed automated contracts, with an audit trail recorded on any database, log, ledger or blockchain. JLINC itself is neither a blockchain, nor an ICO, but provides a new kind of human-readable, developer-friendly, 'self-validating' smart contract, written in Javascript, that can work with, or without, any blockchain.

Protects you from adtech profiling, tracking & surveillance

Bot-free network

You use your mobile number to prove you are a unique person when you create your account.

Troll-free platform

You can use your real name or a handle for your account. But you only get one account.

Gives you control over your attention, without ads or manipulative click-bait

After you use your mobile to establish control over your account, you can decide whether to share your name, number, email, or any other data, with any org listed. You control your sharing preferences across the entire network. The progressive web app works on on any device and can be saved as a icon without any app store. Companies pay to be listed in the marketplace starting in 2020.


Carbon Path is an online platform for non-profit organizations

Organizations can invite people to sign up to participate in a combined movement, with a call to action to invite, encourage, and ultimately demand, that corporations commit to rapidly end their emissions.

• Each organization invites their members to connect on their page on the platform where individuals can view content, share preferences and subscribe to their feed.

• Each user controls their login with their mobile. So, every user on the system represents one verified unique person, giving polling and petitions greater political power.

• People use the network to connect across organizations, coordinate for political action, and communicate without profiling, tracking, manipulation or distraction driven by ads.

• Each person can connect with their own network of organizations and groups, values-aligned businesses, impact companies, and ultimately corporations that sign the Pledge.

The platform will also provide a user-directed marketplace for low-carbon products, and carbon supply chain accounting to verify corporate performance, starting in 2021.



Many people feel helpless and increasingly frightened by climate chaos

A large majority now agrees that climate change is real. A growing minority understand that it is THE existential threat to the future, and feel despair at the failure of government, media and society to adequately address it.

People sign up on Carbon Path to come together with other people in community, to more effectively organize around shared purpose, to pressure corporations to sign a stronger Climate Pledge, and to connect with green companies to find low carbon products and services.

Each person controls the feed they see on their homepage of the web app, made up of posts from all the groups, orgs, and companies that they choose to connect with.

People also control how each entity that they connect with can communicate with them, what info they share with each, and exactly how each entity can use that data.

People can also sign the Climate Pledge as individuals. People who do can add their organization to the list, or create their own informal group on the system.

Each organization or group can host a curated discussion feed for its members, where each can participate, and add that thread to their home page feed if they like.



Carbon Path is a marketing platform for companies that sign a Climate Pledge

A commitment to 100% clean energy by 2030 is the gold standard. Silver is carbon neutral by 2035 and bronze is 2040, while the entry level is 100% clean energy by 2045.

Apple and others could be on track to achieve the 2025 platinum level, while Bosch has announced that it will be the first to be carbon neutral in 2020, establishing the diamond level!

• People can connect directly with any company listed

• Each business has a page with a feed featuring its products & services

• Customers connect with companies through the marketplace

• Consumers can describe what they want on their own marketplace page

• Matching products & services appear in that customer’s home page feed

• Companies receive direct inquiries on any communication channel the customer likes

• Each company can invite their customers to connect with them on Carbon Path

Businesses will pay to be listed in the Carbon Path marketplace at the end of free beta in 2020.

Global organizations also use JLINC to let users manage their own data sharing permissions and communication preferences across all systems, as required to meet GDPR & ePrivacy laws in the EU.


Carbon Supply Chain

Carbon Path will provide automated carbon supply chain accounting

Starting in 2021, companies that sign a Climate Pledge can participate in automated carbon supply chain data exchange. This will make it possible to provide quantitative reporting to business customers, investors and consumers.

JLINC data exchange allows companies to share carbon data under digitally signed automated contractual agreements, which protect confidential info, trade secrets and internal detail, while providing verified aggregate carbon data to companies downstream from them in a supply chain.

Enterprises will pay the largest portion of the cost for supply chain accounting on an extensible system that supports 3rd party auditors. This allows companies to deliver audited carbon content reporting to their customers and investors.

Investors see improved financial performance from companies that rapidly decarbonize, as efficiency replaces on-going expenses for fossil inputs, and increases consumer loyalty. Investors can obtain carbon performance audits for participating businesses.

Investment fund managers will ultimately be able to offer retail investors meaningful screened portfolio products composed of public companies that have first made the commitment and then demonstrated performance on carbon.


The Carbon Path is the process whereby we move through a series of successively more challenging goals, to arrive at a livable future together.