About Carbon Path

Carbon Path is a California benefit corporation based in Oakland CA


Allison Pobrislo

Founder & CEO of Prance Gemini, SAAS media company serving international ski industry. Active in oceans, sustainability & conservation.

Jared Grippe

Senior Engineer
Developer and teacher at Dev Bootcamp. Founder, Other.io. Web Developer since 98, Ruby since 2007, React since 2014, favorite language, JavaScript.

Sylvan Swierkosz

Software Engineer
Front end focused full stack software developer. Dancer. Productivity nerd. Creator of psychedelic art and origami swans.

Sebastian Maj

Graphic Design
Lead designer. Created the JLINC knot and logo, graphics, icon languages, web design, collateral and product interface.

Matthew Sluder

Sales & Marketing
Former VP Sales at Guayaki Yerba Mate, where he grew sales from $24m to $72m over 4-1/2 years

Jim Fournier

Serial entrepreneur, early social network visionary, founders shares Linkedin IPO. Cofounded Planetwork. Sold biochar clean-tech 2011.

& History

Jim Fournier and the team at JLINC Labs built the Carbon Path beta.

Jim is also CEO of JLINC Labs and cofounder of Planetwork, which convened the first international conference on global ecology and information technology in SF, in May 2000, and the ASN initiative to create a social network for civil society in 2002 – before Facebook.

In 2007, Jim founded the first US biochar company, represented biochar at the UNIPCC for 3 years, and was a finalist for the Branson Prize to remove 1Gt of carbon from the atmosphere. Following the sale of BEC, he worked closely with a senior scientist at NCAR in climate modeling where he co-authored a paper published in the preeminent scientific journal PhilTrans.

He had also funded the key social network patent to keep it in the public domain, resulting in founders shares in the Linkedin IPO. Following the IPO, while building collaboratively curated groupware, Jim and Victor Grey had a breakthrough and filed the key JLINC patent in 2015.

Carbon Path brings together decades of scientific perspective on climate and sustainability with personal data control and an entrepreneurial approach to creating solutions that can scale.

The carbon path is the process whereby we move through a series of successively more challenging goals, to arrive at a livable future together.

100% clean energy by 2030